Promoting Inclusivity Through Blind Cricket

World Champions: The Indian Men’s Cricket Team for the Blind is embarking on an unprecedented journey across 9 major US cities from July 25th to September 17th: Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the Bay Area, supported by Subu Kota Foundation. 
The tour’s primary goal is to secure crucial funds for Samarthanam’s initiatives, particularly supporting CABI’s (Cricket Association of Blind in India) efforts in establishing inclusive infrastructure and leagues. This endeavor promises to redefine the landscape of blind cricket globally.
Join us and be a part of this remarkable journey and help promote blind cricket on global scale.

2024 Tour Schedule


July 25th - July 30th

New York

July 31st - Aug 4th

New Jersey

August 5th - August 11th

Washington D.C.

August 12th - August 15th


August 16th - August 21st


August 22nd - August 23rd


August 24th - August 29th

Los Angeles

August 30th - September 4th


September 5th - September 9th

Bay Area

September 10th - September 17th

Help and Donate

Your support can make this tour an unforgettable experience for our players and a milestone in promoting cricket for the blind globally. Together, we can inspire more people to appreciate the talent and dedication of blind athletes.

How you can Help

How to Contribute

Financial Contributions

Support travel, accommodation, and training costs.

Hosting and Accomodation

Host team members or provide lodging in tour cities. Build personal connections and offer a homely environment.

Charity Dinners

Host dinners to raise funds for building the first accessible cricket stadium in India for blind cricketers.

Volunteer Support

Assist with logistics, transportation, and event coordination. Your time can make a difference.

Attend Matches

Boost player morale by attending matches. Check our website for the tour schedule.

Organizing Local Events

Help organize meet-and-greets, fundraising dinners, and practice matches.

Exposure and Technology Exchange

Arrange tours to local landmarks and industries to highlight advanced technology aiding blind individuals.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsor the team or events. Receive extensive promotional opportunities in return.

Media and Publicity

Spread the word through social media, articles, and local media coverage.

Play with the World Champions

Bring your club, society, corporate, or local teams to have a friendly match with the world champions.

1) Donate with Paypal/Debit and Credit Card
2) Donate via Bank Transfer

For other sponsorship opportunities send your note below

For all questions contact

Nidhi Shajan Paul (Overseas Relations Manager) 
Phone: (+91) 9620300705; 678-920-7940


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