My Right to Education

The “Inclusive Education” project of Samarthanam

Aims to address the barriers that kept the disabled children away from formal education and help in creating accessible schools.

There are about 26.8 million persons with disabilities who constitute 2.21% of the total population of India. As per UN reports, a high percentage of Indian kids with disabilities are still out of school.

As of 2011, 1.4 million children of primary school age did not go to school in India, with 18% girls out of school and 14% boys. The percentages are even higher among children, 48% with intellectual disabilities, 36% with speech impairments and 59% with multiple disabilities. Further, children living in conflicts and those from underserved communities also do not have access to education.

Donate Generously

$300 provides the following for 1 entire year for 1 child :
1. Quality education 2. Learning supplies 3. Uniform clothing 4. Accommodation 5. Nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) every day.

The power of your $$

At Samarthanam, $300 provides education for 1 child for 1 entire year with all required learning supplies, uniform clothing along with 3 nutritious meals every day.

Samarthanam is equipped to educate 300+ students and currently facilitates free education at Primary and High School levels. The program ensures holistic development of the students, by facilitating free tuition, accommodation, effective support on studies and study material in digital format.

With your generous support, Samarthanam further envisions to empower 1M disabled and impoverished children by the end of 2030, so that they are not a liability to society but can become law abiding citizens and taxpayers.

Every child, on provision of a conducive and an enabling environment, may blossom into an ever-fragrant flower, to shine in all spheres of life. This reminds us of the onerous responsibility that we must step up and shape their present conditions in the best possible way. The journey in the life cycle of a child involves the critical components of child survival, child development and child protection. Child participation which envisages their active involvement and their voice in the entire process adds a new dimension.

Child survival entails their basic right of living in a safe and nondiscriminatory environment and grows through the formative years of life in a healthy and dignified way.

Childhood constitutes the most crucial period in life, when the foundations are laid for cognitive, social, and emotional language, physical/motor development and cumulative lifelong learning. Hence the present project will focus on the overall wellbeing of Samarthanam School children focusing on the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.