Samarthanam USA Appoints Varavani Dwarki as President, Announces New Leadership Team

BOSTON– Samarthanam USA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build an inclusive society free from discrimination where persons with disabilities become contributing members, has appointed Dr. Varavani Dwarki as its new President and a new leadership team. Mr. Dwarki  replaces Subu Kota, who was the first President of the US chapter of India-based Samarthanam Trust, known as Samarthanam USA in the United States. Dr. Dwarki serves as the Executive Director in the Oncology division at Boston-based life sciences firm Novartis. Irappa Arabhavi will serve as the new Vice President, and    Sumana Madhu has been appointed the treasurer of the organization.  The new executive committee of Samarthanam USA comprises of Madhusudan Akkihebbal, Rajanna Heggadahalli, Ramesh Yalakkishettar, Sudhakara Rao and N.B. Patil.

We are very confident that Samarthanam USA under the vast experience and expertise of the new leadership team is all set to perform exceptionally well and take the organization to a new level,” said Dr. Mahantesh G. Kivadasannavar, co-founder of Samarthanam Trust.

Samarthanam Trust was established in 1997 in Bangalore, India, by Dr. Kivadasannavar, along with his childhood friend, Late S.P. Nagesh (both being visually challenged). In their younger years, they experienced tough times and eventually conceptualized Samarthanam, which now caters to people with disabilities, including the visually impaired and underserved. Dr. Kivadasannavar also serves as the president of Cricket Association of Blind in India (CABI).
Samarthanam believes that it is the responsibility of all to rebuild the lives of thousands of deprived communities. Under the leadership of Dr. Kivadasannavar, the organization envisions to improve the lives of one million people by 2030 through a wide range of strategic interventions.
Due to Dr. Kivadasannavar’s perseverance and vision, the 25-year-old national award winning, CRISIL rated organization, also affiliated to the World Blind Union, is one of those few non-profits to be awarded the special United Nations consultative status in 2015.
Samarthanam has already provided shelter to over 50,000 people from the most deprived sections of the society. Dr Kivadasannavar believes that “people with disabilities are not mere passive recipients but can be potential taxpayers and active contributors to the society”.
Samarthanam USA was formed in 2011 by likeminded Individuals and supporters. Mr. Kota became the president and built a strong organization. Mr. Kota also pledged $1 million to promote cricket for the blind through the Samarthanam Trust. It is noteworthy that Dr. Kivadasannavar serves as the president of Cricket Association of Blind in India (CABI).
Dr. Kivadasannavar said that Samarthanam branch at USA, led by Mr. Kota had taken a great responsibility and without his willingness and dedication, the organization would have missed many milestones.

The entire team at Samarthanam joins in thanking him (Mr. Kota) for his drive and dedication and we are very happy that he continues to be in the Advisory Board given his expertise and skills,” Samarthanam USA said in a statement.
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