Samarthanam USA supports the blind and visually impaired, and persons with other disabilities, through various educational, social technological and cultural initiatives in all parts of the United States. In association with SamarthanamTrust for the Disabled, based in Bangalore, India, we promote a variety of cultural activities, such as our Sunadha Dance Troupe, who perform for American audiences in schools, religious houses of worship, and other community settings. We seek donations to support travel costs, such as housing, food, transportation, etc. while they are on tour in the United States, as well as to support our charitable work in India.

We are also engaged in collaborative professional exchanges with other blind and disabled organizations in the United States, sharing rehabilitative training for employment, as well as educational and technological ideas and advances.

Many of the charitable activities we engage in are described in detail on our affiliate website: www.samarthanam.org. While much of our work in currently done in south-India, we hope to expand our work elsewhere, including in the United States.

We provide donations to other blind and visually-impaired organizations to support their work, as well as to our affiliated organization, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, located in Bangalore, India. We also collect visual aids, equipment and supplies that we give to the blind, both in the United States and India.

The only organization that we provide financial support to is Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in Bangalore,Karnataka ,India. All of the activities of this organization support the blind, visually-impaired and disabled persons, which is the mission of Samarthanam USA as well. They have an extensive network of rehabilitation, educational and housing facilities that serve these disability communities. A complete description of their charitable activities can be found on their website:www.samarthanam.org