Samarthanam Samarthanam established Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) in 2010 as it believed that sports is a rightful pursuit for people with disabilities, making them confident at various levels. Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) is the cricketing arm of Samarthanam Trust governing cricket tournaments, and handhold aspiring blind cricketers in India. It is the apex body organizing cricket for the blind and is affiliated to World Blind Cricket Ltd (WBC).

CABI and Indian Blind Cricket Team’s success portfolio include winning trophies from first T-20 World Cup (2012), fourth ODI World Cup Championship (2014), T-20 Asia Cup (2016), second T-20 World Cup (2017) and fifth ODI World Cup Championship (2018). Samarthanam has churned out world class players like Shekhar Naik who has been honored with the fourth highest civilian award in India, the Padmashree Award, for his contributions to blind cricket. On the same road, CABI continues to encourage the aspirations of budding cricket enthusiasts and support their ambitions.

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