Troupe Sunadha has been performing across International platforms over the last decade.

In 2018, Samarthanam’s 8 artists (six visually impaired and two speech impaired) flew to the United States of America and performed across many states. Out of the 8 artists, five were women artists with disabilities. They spent 68 days in USA and travelled to different cities from Seattle moving onto Boston, Tampa, Miami, Washington and so on. They performed classical as well as folk dance. Overall, they gave 43 stage shows and folk concerts and returned to India on 1st November 2018.

Most of these artists hail from modest families. They belong to small towns of rural India where the luxury to understand and appreciate art is too costly to afford. In such settings, where disability and poverty are inextricably intertwined, families of disabled people bear severe constraints to manage even a square meal a day for their survival. They lack the means to foster the passions of their disabled artist family members.

Sunadha provides a conducive environment essential to groom their artistic capabilities. Our disabled enthusiasts tirelessly practice and have produced memorable performances across stages. In a country such as ours where we are known world over for hosting literature festivals, music festivals, and poetry conventions, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has stepped up to shape up the lives of disabled artists and bringing artistic revolution and cultivating disability culture in the country.

Amidst manifold adversities, our disabled artists have grown more confident. They find solace in artistic pursuits. These artists are testimony to show that national and international platforms are growing related to art and disability.

We at Samarthanam are working towards bringing a paradigm shift to preserve and protect a rich disability history and culture.

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