Sports And Culture

Sports & Culture:

Samarthanam established Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) Samarthanam promotes sports for the visually and physically disabled to instill awareness and importance of physical fitness, confidence and team spirit thereby opening a window to prove themselves. It enables them to travel across the country and the world to gain better understanding of the various hues of the people, culture, languages, etc.


The achievements in the field of cricket are innumerable, ever since its establishment the Samarthanam Cricket team has achieved many glorious victories in the National and International level. Its aims to use competitive cricket to teach the blind and to look at life positively, gain confidence and strive to be winners. The game is a medium to transmit the message to believe in ability! The team has toured countries like UK, Pakistan and England and won laurels of appreciation. The Indian Cricket Team always has players from Samarthanam and one such player who has made us proud is Mr. Shekar Naik who played in the 2006 the Blind World Cup held in Pakistan and scored an unbelievable 623 runs with four centuries, 21 wickets and 3 Man of the Match awards in seven matches that he played. The Samarthanam Cricket team also plays with corporate and other cricket teams and this boosts their confidence level to a great extent. Samarthanam will soon be establishing Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI)