Aditi Patil, Ambassador for Youth Programs

Aditi Patil is a young professional studying the STEM field. She grew up in Long Island and attended Half Hollows High School East, where she founded XX Coders. The organization is geared toward supporting, educating, and motivating young women to be involved in computer science. The XX Coders team also works closely with young children who are on the autism spectrum by offering one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Aditi’s work at XX Coders exemplifies her lifelong compassion and kindness toward those with disabilities. She continuously seeks out new and innovative ways to connect with and empower them to succeed both professionally and personally. Aditi formerly interned as a volunteer at My Space My Place Blind Coding Camp at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD), where she taught the fundamentals of coding and programming to blind students.
Additionally, Aditi Patil has been fundraising for Samarthanam ever since she was in the 8th grade, when she donated her birthday gift money in order to arrange a fundraising event for the Samarthanam team when they came to the United States. As a Youth Ambassador for Samarthanam USA, Aditi coordinates various programs, recruits other American students to get involved, and serves as a liaison for arranging and gathering  international trips to India with American high school and college students. During these trips, the students work with and teach disabled children.

Whenever the Samarthanam team visits the United States, Aditi arranges several fundraising events in many different communities in her area. She regularly conducts community outreach to raise funds and support from others so that Samarthanam can continue their efforts to create a more inclusive and proactive society for people with disabilities.
Aditi Patil constantly and successfully integrates her passion for coding and the STEM field with her desire to help those with disabilities. Aditi’s extensive humanitarian efforts are a testament to her character, work ethic and strong skill set.